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How to correctly design a kitchen. Minimum dimensions and tips.

Here we are going to focus on the minimum measurements of a kitchen and review some tips that will help us design more comfortable kitchens. Before starting with this list, it is important to point out that kitchens, unlike bathrooms, have much more freedom of design, not only because a carpenter can make us the furniture of the size we want but because even the electrical appliances can be found in a multitude of different sizes.

1. The triangle rule - The kitchen has 3 zones:

  • Cooking zone (Kitchen and oven)

  • Washing area (Sink and dishwasher)

  • Storage area (Pantry and refrigerator)

It is recommended that these areas form a triangle between whose vertices there always work areas (free worktop). That is, we must never join two zones. The triangle must meet the following standards:


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